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Children's Ministries

Children's Ministry Options for 2012-2013 Academic Year

Beginning Sunday, September 9th our children's ministry resumes with different programs at the two worship hours. At 9 AM we offer nursery as well as Sunday school for children from 2 years through Grade 6.

At 11 AM we offer nursery, Young Children & Worship for youngsters who are toilet trained up through Gr. 2 (note the older upper age limit this year), Testimony & Worship for Gr. 3-6.

Please complete our enrollment form and come join the adventure!

9am - Kingdom Quest!

Nursery: children born in 2011, 2012 or 2013 - led by Denise Zimmer
Toddlers: children born in 2009 or 2010 - led by Sarah Thatcher
JK, SK: children born in 2007 or 2008 - led by Susan Ceolin
KOOL Kids: children in Grades 1-4, led by Barb Ferrier
Gr. 5/6: led by Louise Dee

Children in Toddlers, JK, K and KOOL Kids are using Kingdom Quest, learning Bible stories and kingdom concepts with the help of puppet characters. Kids Of Our Lord (KOOL Kids - Gr. 1-4), will encounter Gordy, the puppet. Younger children engage with the puppets Judy and Bubba in their classes.

Children are engaged with humour and more importantly solid biblical principles that are presented and reinforced through age appropriate activities. There's a “God Talk At Home” page for parents which gives you insight into the day's lesson as well as practical ideas for conversation starters on the ride home, devotions through the week, etc. to reinforce your child(ren)'s learning.
This is a well integrated curriculum. Preschoolers cover basic Bible events. JK & Kindergarten children cover a wider array of Bible events. In the four year cycle of Gr. 1-4, students experience over a hundred different Old Testament events over the years and they cover Jesus' life through each of the four gospels.

Our new Gr. 5/6 class, being held at 9 AM, will focus on a two year cycle of lessons using the DWELL curriculum published by Faith Alive. This uses Q&A - a simplified version of the Heidelberg Catechism as a means of giving our young people a solid theological framework for their faith, and a clear sense of the big picture of God's story of salvation within the Bible. The identical curriculum is being used with Gr. 7/8 students at 11 AM.

11 AM: Developing Worshippers

Nursery: is offered at both 9 and 11 AM services. Denise Zimmer is coordinator
Young Children and Worship: (for children toilet trained, up through Gr. 2) Carol Drabik, coordinator

Young Children & Worship begins right at 11:00. Bible stories are told using wooden figures, and children engage in a time of “wondering”. Thereʼs a reverent, yet engaging spirit developed within children as they encounter God and respond to his Spirit, sharing in a “feast” and responding in creative ways to their time with God in this age appropriate worship setting.

Participation of parent and child in the opening “orientation” is highly recommended at one or both of our opening Sundays, Sept. 9 and Sept.16.
This means that the child and parent would both worship in the Young Children and Worship Centre (in the Toddler's Room) rather than worshipping in the sanctuary that week.

Testimony & Worship Time: (for children in Grades 3-6) Barbara Ferrier, coordinator
Children in Grades 3-6 will begin each 11 AM service in the sanctuary. During the praise portion, children follow a banner-carrying leader (usually Mrs. Ferrier) out of the sanctuary to gather in the East Pod. (Children this age can sign themselves in, under our Plan to Protect.)

Our worship continues by singing our Song of the Month. Then a KPC adult will tell a story from their own life, illustrating a characteristic of God or a story of their coming to faith. (Contact Barb Ferrier if you've got a story to share!) We will also engage in a worship activity.

Gr. 7/8 Sunday School Jane Ann Beerda, coordinator

Our Director of Youth Ministry, Jane Ann Beerda oversees this program. We're collaborating this year, in offering the same DWELL curriculum published by Faith Alive for Gr. 5/6 at 9 AM and for Gr. 6/7/8 at 11 AM. This provides a two year cycle of lessons using Q&A - a simplified version of the Heidelberg Catechism as a means of giving our young people a solid theological framework for their faith, and a clear sense of the big picture of God's story of salvation within the Bible.

Gr. 7/8 children start in the sanctuary and also leave when the flag is carried through. They will meet in a classroom near the east pod. Gr. 5-8 children can sign themselves in and out of their classes.

Children's Christmas Musical

"He who sings, prays twice."  St. Augustine.  

KPC is pleased to present "Glory to the King", a children's musical presentation on Saturday, December 1st.

Every child who is available for all rehearsals (Sunday afternoons, Oct.16 - Nov.27) will be guaranteed a part. Auditions for those children interested in a solo speaking or music role will be on Sunday, Sept. 30 at 12:15 pm (following 11am service). Children should come prepared to sing a few lines of O Canada and read from a script impromptu.

Volunteer Opportunities

Running an effective, vibrant, passionate programme for children and youth requires the help of the entire church community. If you feel called to volunteer, or know that you have skills or abilities that you can offer, even on a one time or short term basis, contact Barb Ferrier to learn how you can contribute to this vital part of KPC

Plan to Protect

We aim to provide a safe environment for our participants, teachers, and helpers and to be responsible as we serve the children, youth and vulnerable adults participating in our programmes. Kortright Presbyterian Church has in place the 'Plan to Protect'; a policy designed to ensure your child's safety while in our care. Teachers and helpers must complete a ministry application and a police check before serving in our programmes. See either our Director of Children's Ministry or Director of Youth Ministry for a complete copy of our Plan to Protect document.


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