A Letter From Pastor Alex

March 17, 2020

Dear KPC Community,

As you know, we did not hold our regular “in person” worship service this past Sunday, March 15th. Instead, we held an online service which has almost 1,500 views to date. If you missed it, you can still listen to the service here. People from across the country joined us, thanks to social media, and I have had messages from some of them to express their gratitude for our ministry. God is good!

The Elders decided today that for the next two Sundays – March 22nd and 29th – we will invite you to join with us online at 10:15 am using the link provided below, instead of our regular physical gathering. If you or someone you know needs help with the technology, email Dennis Gray at geek@kortrightchurch.org.

In addition to the changes above, groups of 10 or more people will not be permitted to meet in our church building until at least March 31st. Until then, we are also recommending that any church-related groups of 10 or more people refrain from meeting in other locations.

Your Session, with input from our staff team, gave these decisions careful and prayerful consideration. The Elders are convinced that right now, this is how we can best obey our Lord’s command to love one another. At the moment, it’s safer for ourselves and for our society as a whole if we temporarily discontinue our practice of gathering physically in large groups – and so we believe that the Holy Spirit would have us seek the peace and prosperity of KPC and of the city of Guelph in this way. The Chief Medical Officer of Ontario recommended on just Friday morning that groups of 250 or more not hold meetings, and since then the threshold has dropped to groups of less than 50. Other trustworthy authorities have urged that when any group with over 10 members meet, the risk of transmission increases at a critical juncture in the spread of this virus.

Through all of this, we are trusting the Lord with our own lives and the lives of our family, friends, and neighbours. He is our hope in times of trouble. We wait on him for guidance and, together as your leaders, we are exploring what this means for our congregation. How can we serve and reach out to others when we cannot meet together in person for the time being?

We have an opportunity here to be innovative in how we are connecting with and caring for one another in the coming weeks. Far from dividing us something like this can actually bring us “together” if we look for ways to be a community even when we’re not physically together.

We as the Elders on Session and the church staff are brainstorming some alternative forms of connection to encourage you towards in the near future. For all of us, let’s check in on one another! Call each other, send an email or text; let’s be looking out for one another in this time! Stay tuned for more ideas and opportunities.

Should your group decide to gather in the recommended grouping of less than 10 people, here is what we strongly suggest:
(Note that these are recommended whether gathering in homes or at the church; if you are meeting at the church, the usual room booking protocol is still in place)

  1. No one present is sick or has any reason to believe they have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2
  2. Shared surfaces are disinfected before and after the meeting
  3. Everyone washes their hands thoroughly (20 seconds or more) upon arrival and upon returning to their home
  4. Food and drink are served individually
  5. As much distance as possible is maintained between members of different households and their belongings
These recommendations are taken from Andy Crouch’s helpful article for Christian leaders: Love in the Time of Coronavirus (Find full Article Here)

We continue to look for ways to be the people of God together in this time, and look forward to seeing what God does among us as we reach out to one another in new, creative ways.

May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Pastor Alex, Session & the Staff team