Our Philosophy

It takes a whole congregation to nurture the faith of its children. Our focus is on developing strong peer relationships, godly, discipling relationships with leaders, and a firm foundation in the children’s understanding of who Jesus is and of their spiritual heritage. Our faith formation team supports the primary passers of faith - the parents and family.

Sunday Children's Classes

Our classes are rooted in providing students with biblical knowledge and an understanding of a living relationship with Jesus. This plays out in a number of ways: in classes that create space for looking at faith and cultural issues; in fostering a safe place to ask questions, and in having places of worship and service. 

Our classes are for children ranging in age from age 3 to grade 8.

Our Nursery is for children age 0-2.

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For more information about Children's Ministry, please contact Rowena Ridder, Family Ministries Director
Phone: 519-836-9400 Ext 14