Sunday Worship Services

The kids at KPC join with the church family in worship (music and prayer) together at the beginning of the service. Feel free to bring in the wiggliest of children. All kids have a place in our church body and in our hearts. They are then welcomed into our children's Ministry programming. Children ages 0-3 can be dropped off before the service.

Art Cart: The Art Cart is available at the back of the sanctuary and contains children's worship bulletins, activity books, books, note paper, crayons, markers and pens. This can be a great resource for kids during worship or for kids who want to stay for the whole service. Kids absorb a lot even when their hands are busy! Encourage them to draw a picture about the songs, or a bible story ...the ideas are endless. If you have questions about how to engage your kids in worship you are welcome to sit down and chat with Rowena Ridder, our family ministry director.

Worship, reflection and scripture: Twice a month we meet as a large group before we break off into classes. During this time we are led in children's worship by our dynamic worship team, work on our monthly memory verses and have a chance to dig deeper into the meaning of our memory verse.

Snack: Snack is offered twice a month for the kids. If you are concerned about food allergies please check the snack info sheet at the Sign in desk.

Sign in: Kids in grade 3 and younger must be signed in and out by an adult. You can do this before the service. Kids in grade 4-8 can sign themselves in and out. It is very important to sign in and out as the sheets act as a checklist for kids in case of fire as part of our fire evacuation plan.

Family Services: Family Services take place on the 5th Sunday of a month. During these services we welcome the kids to stay for the whole service and strive to have children of all ages actively participate in a variety of ways. We feel that there is something precious when the whole body worships together as a family. For children grade 2 and under there is a class available. They will see a slide on the big screen directing them to the children's area.

Sunday Children's Classes

Nursery - age 0-3
Our dedicated group of volunteers who love little ones maintain and staff the nursery. Children are signed in and out and parents are provided with a pager in case of any problems. Please take a copy of welcome to the nursery at KPC for more details. (Open before services for your convenience!)

IMAGINE - JK to Grade 1
Kids in JK, K and grade 1 are great pretenders, and they get to experience God's story as they imagine the sights, sounds, and people in it. They are also invited to retell and respond to that story through play, fun activities, games, and more. Each week kids receive a 'Show and Share' paper to use at church and at home with their family.

WONDER - Grades 2 & 3
This group is a curious bunch - they've got lots of questions about why and how things happen. This level is designed to give kids space to pause, to wonder, and to reflect on God story. Like kids at the imagine level, this group also gets a Show and Share paper each week only it's a little bigger.

MARVEL - Grade 4 & 5
Kids in grade 4 and 5 are eager to explore the world around them, and love to gather information and dig into a subject. They have a growing sense of time and space; of cause and effect. They are beginning to understand the sequence of stories in the Bible and see how they all fit together into God's big story. Because we want to encourage these kids to get to know the Bible and to spend time reading God stories at home, they will get a 'Story Mark' each week to tuck into their Bibles. It's filled with fun facts about the story and cool challenges to do at home.

DIVE - Grade 6, 7 & 8
Our Grade 6, 7 and 8 class is held at 9am. Middle Schoolers are ready to be more independent in what they do and what they think. At this level we help young teens look at God for answers to their questions, and consider how creeds and confessions are connected to the Bible.

Kid Connection Grade JK-5
Kid Connection engages children so they remember, understand and live God's word. This is done using a variety of learning tools and in both a large group and break outs into age groups.

High School Discussion Group
This once a month discussion group will be exploring the question "Does God Exist?" This focus on the family video study builds the scientific case for the existence of God by digging into the big bang theory, DNA by design, and the moral evidence. The youth will be challenged to equip themselves to defend their faith and become a world changer in an increasingly hostile culture.

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For more information about Children's Ministry, please contact Roweena Ridder, Family Ministries Director, at 519-836-9400 Ext 14.