"How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent?" - Romans 10: 14, 15a (NIV)

Missions Statement

Missions is an important part of the ministries at KPC. We support missionaries and projects sponsored by the Presbyterian Church in Canada. We support people working with various mission organizations involved in diverse ministries in Guelph, Canada, and internationally as well as projects that are brought to our attention. This support base is built through relationships from people connected to Kortright.

We also encourage our own members and adherents to embark on seasonal (short term) mission trips either locally or internationally by assisting with funding. Not only does this bridge us with other Christian communities worldwide, but also sows the seeds for long term commitments to this type of ministry.

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Missions We Support


International Student Ministries
Dave & Linda Buchner work with international students at the University of Guelph introducing them to the Bible, providing fellowship and activities.
Website: I.S.M.
Contact: Dave/Linda

Life Centre

The Life Centre
Website: The Life Centre


Guelph Campus Ministry
University of Guelph
Website: Guelph Campus Ministry


Instituto de Discipulado (Dynamic Churches International)
Jim Klaas co-ordinates discipleship training of pastors and leaders via to the Internet to over 30 countries in Spanish speaking world.
Website: Dynamic Churches
Website: Instituto de Discipulado
Contact: Jim


P.A.N. (Presbyterians Aiding Nicaragua)
is a ministry that connects churches in Ontario with projects in Nicaragua ranging from construction to heath clinics. Don & Annette Vickers co-ordinate it from Guelph and Jenny DeMorales serves as their local contact.
Website: P.A.N.
Contact: Annette Vickers


Loads of Love
Ed Dickson based in Kiev, Ukraine works predominantly with widows and orphans through a variety of support programs.
Website: Loads of Love
Contact: Edward Dickson


Chalmers Community Services Centre
KPC supports the Foodshare program this service ministry provides to low income families in Guelph.
Website: www.chalmerscentre.ca
Email: community@chalmerscentre.ca


Mission Aviation Fellowship
Mission Aviation Fellowship is a worldwide team of specialists, meeting the transportation and communications needs of overseas missions and relief and development organizations serving those living in the poorest and most remote parts of the world.
Website: MAFC
Contact: General Info


Dunamis Fellowship of Canada
A teaching ministry of Presbyterian-Reformed ministries International, this organization seeks to equip and ignite the Church through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Website: www.dunamisfellowshipcanada.org
Email: dfc@dunamisfellowshipcanada.org


Avant Ministries, Spain
Kenn and Doreen Oke
Website: Avant Ministries

Evangelical Missonary Church of Canada

Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada
Phil and Carolyn English
Puebla, Mexico
Website: Blog


Liebenzell Mission of Canada
Moffat, ON
Website: Liebenzell Mission of Canada


Circle Square Ranch
Andrew and Anne Douglas
Arden, ON
Website: Circle Square Ranch Big Clear Lake


Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
University of Guelph
Website: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Website: IVCF University of Guelph

Please note that Kortright may support others in Mission fields that due to security reasons cannot be published here. Please pray for those in parts of the world where the freedom of religion we are priviliged to enjoy in this country is not respected.