Kortright Presbyterian Church is a community-based church located in the heart of the University Village neighbourhood of Guelph, Ontario. We are a friendly, diverse congregation from a variety of social, cultural, and religious backgrounds that seeks to know Jesus and make him known.
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Our Vision: Jesus' Kingdom Made Real - Every Person, Every Nation

Our Mission: To equip one another to radically love and creatively serve Jesus throughout our generations

Four Core Values

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Spiritual Formation

To become more like Jesus, we need to equip ourselves in four key 'spiritual disciplines': Scripture, Prayer, Simplicity and Obedience.

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Opportunity to Serve

God calls us to be faithful stewards, exercising discipline in how we live so that we may give generously of our time, gifts, talents and resources to edify others and so build Christ's Kingdom.

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Godly Relationships

Godly relationships are formed and deepened as, in community, we faithfully serve and 'speak the truth in love'. Believers take the initiative to connect, build trust, help and encourage others.

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Reaching Outward

As a community of faith, we would engage our neighbours, city and the wider world in order to share Christ and make disciples. We do this relationally, through Christ-like character, loving actions and gracious words.