• Application and Agreement for Church Use Facilities

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    Supervisory Adult (as per 11 on Terms and Conditions)

    I hereby make application and agree to the church facilities use according to the Terms and Conditions as set forth with the application. (Please review the Terms and Conditions below before signing)
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    1. The church will not be responsible for personal injury or damage, or for loss or theft of clothing or equipment of anyone attending or connected with this event. Groups are required to provide their own liability insurance and a copy must be given to the church prior to the event.

    2. The event must not promote or encourage teachings or conduct contrary to that which is found in Kortright’s Statement of Faith or Lifestyle Statement. (see website or ask for a copy)

    3. The applicant will USE ONLY those areas/rooms assigned on this application when approved along with the necessary access/exit areas. All room capacities must be observed. All equipment and facilities are to be left as found.

    4. All decorations must be fireproof and attached by putty (no pins or tape). No blockage or covering of doors or windows is allowed.

    5. The Applicant shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the church building and grounds on the invitation of the Applicant and must agree to abide by all regulations of the church. If the event/program involves children, the group or organization must have a child-safety plan or comply with the procedures in Kortright Church’s “Plan to Protect”. Inappropriate conduct (in the view of the church official) may result in cancellation of this agreement. Any damage to church property, including the building, grounds and/or equipment will be repaired or replaced by the church at the user’s expense.

    6. NO SMOKING, NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, NO GAMBLING are permitted in the church facilities.

    7. If the blackboards are used in the classrooms, please clean them off at the end of your event.

    8. Church and kitchen supplies (coffee, tea, etc) are not to be used. Please supply your own.

    9. If you have used our dishes, the Public Health Department requires that you use one capful of bleach in the rinse water when washing dishes. The dishwasher may only be used by a qualified operator which has been pre-arranged.

    10. Bleach and other dangerous cleaning products are in the island in front of the kitchen sink. The key is located in the cupboard above the microwaves – please keep this cupboard locked at all times.

    11. Two responsible adults over the age of 25 must be present for the duration of an event. These two people must be prepared to deal with any critical situation that might arise and call 911 if necessary. References may be required.

    12. The church will be responsible for normal cleanup. Any excessive clean-up of the used facility, in the opinion of the church, will be charged to the Applicant.
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